Open source geospatial & image processing - useful links

Links as I find them relating to various geospatial coding routines, methods, plotting and data standards. I’ve also included links to a few threads from Stack Exchange relating to useful Q&A. This page will be continually updated. All links are hosted independent of this site.


R spatial data manipulation

Introduction to visualising spatial data in R

Raster Data in R - The Basics

Raster data in R - another take

Raster data in R - yet another take

Robin Lovelace - lots of useful SPATIAL things

Spatial data in R: Using R as a GIS

Geospatial data in R and beyond!

Fifty ways to draw a volcano using package plot3D

Mapping in R using the ggplot2 package

ArcGIS to R cheatsheet

rasterVis package

R vs. Python Numpy equivalents


R online books

R for Data Science

Geocomputation with R


Geo-Python course (Uni. Helsinki)

Python data science - book online

NumPy Basics: Arrays and Vectorized Computation < Data processing using arrays section is very useful

Bokeh - a wrapper for JavaScript type plotting

Advanced plotting with matplotlib


Useful pandas technqiues

Geospatial (various languages)

PyQGIS 101

Gridding with GMT

K nearest neighbours in Python

Installing GDAL (and OGR) for Python on Windows

GDAL/OGR Python cookbook

GIS with Python, Shapely, and Fiona

Plotting elevation maps and shaded relief images from latitude, longitude, and elevation pairs (PYTHON)


GEOTIFF reference

Fill NA areas of rasters (R)

Fill NA areas of rasters (GDAL)

Merging vs mosaic


Interpolation overview

Extending info on spatial data fields

Geostatics intro (R)

Spatial interpolation of geographical data in R

Variography with gstat and ggplot2

A Practical Guide To Geospatial Mapping

A Practical Guide to Geostatistical Mapping of Environmental Variables

Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R

Intro to planetary-scale geospatial analyses


Mosaic (Hermite) function application in ARC

Image analysis

Python image analysis tutorial

[Scipy image analysis tutorial](

OpenCV for image analysis (Python)

PIL (Python)



Introduction to visualising spatial data

Creating maps in R

7 Deadly Sins of (Academic) Data Visualisation

Adventures In Mapping

Help with Fourier Transform applications

Implementation with ImageMagick

MRI scanning and an explanation of k-space

FTs with a smoothie analogy

Implementation of a 1D FT using a combined sine wave in Python

Github pages

Jekyll introduction

Jekyll home

Jekyll cheat sheet

Creating a github website with jekyll