Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Position: Postdoctoral researcher in Glaciology

Research interests: Remote sensing, GIS, Glaciers, Geospatial analysis, Geostatistics, Open source, Python development, R


I’m a glaciologist working on (or rather underneath) the Greenland ice sheet.

I’ve a keen interest in geospatial problem solving and environmental spatio-temporal relationships - most of my work and development is carried out using Python. Check out my blog for information on current geo-related solutions as well as tips and tricks relating to on-going code development.

Past projects

Past projects include:

  • glacier reconstruction through the compilation of old (topographic maps) and new datasets (contemporary field surveys)
  • spatially distributed grid based mass balance modelling (here’s a model you can play with)
  • automated assessment of crevasse patterns for assessing crevasse evolution
  • hypersepctral image analysis over tidewater glaciers to identify presence of water
  • glacier surface velocity mapping using elevation data

Contact me

Feel free to get in touch - I’m always interested in collaborating or if you have any questions about my work.