Research, data and literature (various)

Various links to an eclectic collection of geo- related research and datasets. These are all hosted independent of this site.

Quaternary period in the Lake District, UK (glacial geomorphology)

Geological overview of the Lake District

The glacial geomorphology of the Loch Lomond (Younger Dryas) Stadial in Britain: a review

The glacial geomorphology of the Loch Lomond Stadial in Britain: a map and geographic information system resource of published evidence

The Glacial Geomorphology and Surficial Geology of the South-West English Lake District

Lake bed geomorphology and sedimentary processes in glacial lake Windermere, UK

The Loch Lomond Advance in the Lake District, northern England

Geomorphology and automation (machine learning etc.)

Assessment of Convolution Neural Networks for Surficial Geology Mapping in the South Rae Geological Region, Northwest Territories, Canada

Landscape classification with deep neural networks

Automatic Coastline Extraction Using Edge Detection and Optimization Procedures

Land cover

World (ESA) land cover through time with info here and more maps here

Africa (beta) land cover map

UK crop map