"""Module to convert messages to and from Morse code"""

import sys

letter_to_morse = {'a':'.-', 'b':'-...', 'c':'-.-.', 'd':'-..', 'e':'.', 'f':'..-.', 
                   'g':'--.', 'h':'....', 'i':'..', 'j':'.---', 'k':'-.-', 'l':'.-..', 'm':'--', 
                   'n':'-.', 'o':'---', 'p':'.--.', 'q':'--.-', 'r':'.-.', 's':'...', 't':'-',
                   'u':'..-', 'v':'...-', 'w':'.--', 'x':'-..-', 'y':'-.--', 'z':'--..',
                   '0':'-----', '1':'.----', '2':'..---', '3':'...--', '4':'....-',
                   '5':'.....', '6':'-....', '7':'--...', '8':'---..', '9':'----.',
                   ' ':'/' }

morse_to_letter = {}

for letter in letter_to_morse:
    morse = letter_to_morse[letter]
    morse_to_letter[morse] = letter

def encodeToMorse(message):
    """Encode the passed message into morse,
       and return the Morse code string"""
    morse = []

    for letter in message:
        letter = letter.lower()

    return " ".join(morse)

def decodeFromMorse(message):
    """Decode the passed Morse code message
       and return a string containing the decoded message"""
    english = []

    # Now we cannot read by letter. We know that morse letters are
    # separated by a space, so we split the morse string by spaces
    morse_letters = message.split(" ")

    for letter in morse_letters:

    # Rejoin, but now we don't need to add any spaces
    return "".join(english)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    while True:
        print( "Instruction (encode, decode, quit) :-> " )

        # Read a line from standard input
        line = sys.stdin.readline()
        line = line.rstrip()

        # the first line should be either "encode", "decode"
        # or "quit" to tell us what to do next...
        if line == "encode":
            # read the line to be encoded
            message = sys.stdin.readline().rstrip()

            print( "Message is '%s'" % message )
            print( "Encoded is '%s'" % encodeToMorse(message) )

        elif line == "decode":
            # read the morse to be decoded
            message = sys.stdin.readline().rstrip()

            print( "Morse is   '%s'" % message )
            print( "Decoded is '%s'" % decodeFromMorse(message) )

        elif line == "quit":
            print( "Exiting...")

            print( "Cannot understand '%s'. Instruction should be 'encode', 'decode' or 'quit'." % line )

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