QGIS - handy plugins

I was asked to demonstrate some plugins I find useful in QGIS. Some are pretty basic but are very handy! Here’s a list and associated summary:

  • Value tool: reports values of rasters beneath cursor
  • Zoom to Point: zooms to a specified [x,y] location
  • Profile tool: plots profile lines from single or multiple raster layers or point vector layers with an elevation field
  • QChainage: takes line features and creates a new layer of points in provided distances on top of this Lines
  • Point sampling tool: collects polygon attributes and raster values from multiple layers at specified sampling points
  • MMQGIS: set of Python plugins for manipulating vector map layers: CSV input/output/join, geocoding, geometry conversion, buffering, hub analysis, simplification, column modification, and simple animation
Written on November 15, 2017